Are you always fretting over the type of footwear to match your casual outfit? With Havaianas, you no longer need to spend extra time deliberating on this. This versatile pair of slippers can be worn for most, if not all casual occasions. Additionally, it will keep you looking chic throughout the day.

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Havaianas Models and Designs for Women

Havaianas slippers are available in a wide range of models to suit each woman’s style and preferences. Aside from the regular fit, some popular ones include the slim fit, sandals and wedges.

  • Slim

If you have narrower feet, the Havaianas slim model may be more suitable for you. It features thin straps and a narrower sole for a more sleek look.

  • Sandals

With their elegant design, Havaianas sandals are the go-to footwear for the beach and after parties. You can opt for the horizontal side strap for a classic look. Alternatively, try the horizontal side strap with a toe strap for a more feminine touch.

  • Wedges and flatforms

For those who wish to lengthen their silhouette, Havaianas offers wedges and flatforms for women. Give yourself that added boost with these trendy slippers now!

Looking for a different style that's not traditionally feminine? Embrace the freedom of choice and consider trying on a pair of Havaianas slippers for men or kids today!