Since its humble beginnings in Brazil in 1962, Havaianas has taken the world by storm. The popular slipper, formerly made out of cloth straps and woven straw soles, is now made with premium Brazilian rubber. Sporting many colourful designs, these slippers are sure to add some glamour to your everyday outfit.

Havaianas reflect the Brazilians’ fun, vibrant and spontaneous way of life. Discover the ultimate comfort and style with Schumart’s diverse range of Havaianas for men, women and kids. Get your pair now!

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Features of Havaianas Slippers

  • Heat-resistant

In Singapore’s scorching weather, it is easy for the sun to heat up your flip-flops. This makes them difficult to put on after being left out in the sun for some time. However, Havaianas is made from premium Brazilian rubber with a top-secret formula that is specially crafted to prevent the slipper from overheating.

  • Easy to wash

Want to get rid of the foot odour that may plague your slippers? If you own a pair of Havaianas, simply dip them in a water and soap mixture for a few minutes. Following that, use a soft sponge to wash and rinse. It is that easy!

  • Durable

While your run-of-the-mill slippers may bend and break easily, Havaianas flip-flops are made for durability. The secret lies in their specially-made rubber formula, which is constantly being refined.